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Root Canal Therapy – Broken Teeth Repair – Dental Surgery… We Can Help You Feel Better Fast

Endodontist in austin tx

Endodontist Austin TX

Root Canals – Broken Teeth Repair – Oral Surgeries… We Can Help You Feel Better Fast

endodontist - root canalThe Dental Specialist Group of Texas proudly presents our endodontist Specialist for the Austin Texas and surrounding areas: Dr: COMING SOON and his staff have years of experience performing endodontic therapy (more commonly known as “root canals”, and where the average dentist may only do one or two procedures per month Dr: COMING SOON, being a specialist, can routinely and successfully perform dozens of procedures each and every week.

If you’re in pain with swollen gums and deep cavities you likely are dealing with nerve damage to your tooth. If left untreated for too long you risk loosing the entire tooth. This can be avoided by seeing our specialist who can quickly repair the dental issue so that the pain and discomfort from your too goes away. And unlike some procedures that may be considered cosmetic in nature root canals are normally covered by your insurance which makes the procedure very affordable overall.

Proudly providing expert Endodontist dental care to the following areas:  Austin, Kerrville Comfort TX, San Marcos TX, New Braunfels TX, Round Rock TX, Georgetown TX, Killeen TX


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When you have a complicated nerve root the average dentist refers you to a higher skilled dental practitioner known as an endodontistEndodontists are dental specialists because after dental school they have at least two additional years of even more specialized training to treat the more severe dental conditions. Endodontists treat a number of special dental issues including endodontic therapy (this is more commonly called a  “root canal therapy”),  endodontic retreatment, dental surgery, repair  cracked teeth, and treating all types of dental trauma. 


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